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(in Spanish-speaking countries) a young man (or woman).

Once upon a time in Mexico, a wandering Muchacho stumbled (little too much tequila) upon a powerful realisation. No matter where in the world he travelled – seeking out new flavours and adventures – this one place kept pulling him back. Why? Well, because nada compares to the taste of Mexican street food. Fired by a deep respect for this unparalleled art form, our Muchacho set his heart on sharing the experience with like-minded souls, in the place he calls home.Nachos Icon

Taste For Adventure? You’re In The Right Neighbourhood…

Every day, Muchacho brings fresh, authentic, Mexican street food to the streets of Aberdeen. Step inside our home on Rose Street and be transported to the bustling heart of Mexico. Watch our trailblazing cooks fire up your appetite in our open kitchen. Discover an explosion of colours, textures, smells, and sounds. We’re on a mission to excite your senses and capture Mexico’s bold, uncomplicated, flavours - on our streets AND in your homes.

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Pull Up A Seat At Our Table…

“ it tastes like home, like family.” – the taco chronicles


Here at Muchacho, we really believe in the power and value of family – the one you’re born with and the one you create. It’s really no coincidence that ‘family’ is at the heart of both Scottish and Mexican cultures – or that our original Muchacho comes from a sociable, extended clan. Gathering round a big table to eat, drink, and party with our people is, for us, the spice of life! With this in mind, building a loyal, happy Mexi-Clan is a vital ingredient in our vision of success. It’s why we put community at the heart of everything we do, from creating our own Mexi-Clan loyalty cards, to sourcing from local suppliers, setting up Deliveroo to your home + workplace, caring for our planet, designing our TacoBox for sharing, delivering Fruit + Veg Boxes during lock-down, and never forgetting to ask this question: how can we help you?


Street Food With A Conscience…

Living in the North East of Scotland, surrounded by stunning beaches and beautiful countryside, it’s only natural we want to protect our home. It’s a small world, as they say. Everyone and everything is connected. So Muchacho is always searching for ways to tread more lightly. We like to avoid leftovers AND even our packaging is too good to waste. Our cardboard TacoBox and Vegware pots are commercially compostable. These are typically accepted for processing via your food waste bin – if unsure, please check with your regional council. And our glass Jarritos bottles, and cleaned foil packaging, are both infinitely recyclable, too! Supporting our close-knit community of local, independent businesses is also really important to us. Wherever possible, we buy our fruit, vegetables, and meats from the local farmers and greengrocers around Aberdeen. And we include plant-based and vegan options throughout our menu. All this helps to reduce our ecological footprint. Step-by-step we aim to ensure our feel-good Mexican street food really won’t cost the earth.

Feel Good Street `food

Made from scratch – and great for sharing – our everyday Mexican feasts are packed with nourishing, honest ingredients: market-fresh vegetables and herbs bursting with vitamins, including the ’trinity’ of tomato-coriander-onion; fibre-filled avocados; protein-rich beans and meats; energising rice and tortillas; and immunity-boosting spices. Freshly prepared in our own kitchen, by careful and passionate cooks, our healthy menu puts the feel-good into street food.

Let The Adventure Continue…


Since 2016, Muchacho has been at home in Aberdeen but we’ll never get too comfortable. Every day, we’re seeking out new adventures and our team will continue exploring, experimenting, and finding ways to entertain your tastebuds! Visit us and satisfy your wanderlust…


9-11 Rose St,
AB10 1TX
01224 639574


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